WTF is AIOps?

It is still unclear to many what artificial intelligence actually is in concrete terms. At the same time, it is and has often been discussed whether artificial intelligence poses a threat to humanity, especially after this topic is often associated with a scenario like in the Terminator series. But fundamentally, this technology is neither difficult […]

Open Source Automation Days 2020 – virtual diversity

Originally published by Christian Stankowic on 2020 is not only the product of a fivefold 404 but also the big year of online conferences. Whileconferences were previously held in particularly conspicuous or unusual locations and invited people to join the physical network, this year online platforms in particular serve as a necessary compromise.

orcharhino meets Cloud

Building your own IT infrastructure, including servers, is complex and expensive – but a functioning data center is fundamental for every company. In order to grow and be able to adapt flexibly to current requirements, the associated IT in particular must always be one step ahead. For this there is now “orcharhinoin the Cloud” (in […]


ATIX & the Open Source Community

Originally written for and published on the Foreman Community Blog From its inception, ATIX was conceived as a Linux and open-source company. In this context, we provide our customers with consulting, support, and training for various open source technologies including Foreman, Ansible, Salt, Puppet, Apache Kafka, Kubernetes, and other technologies to automate and run a […]

A somewhat different OSAD

For 4 years now, the Open Source Automation Days have been our highlight of the year. We are very pleased to see that Munich’s largest vendor-independent open source conference has established itself as an integral part of the annual calendar of events. When we organized a three-day event for over 150 participants for the first […]

Save The Rhino

Since several years, the ATIX AG supports the charity organization “Save The Rhino” (short STR). The British based organization for nature conservation supports rhinos threatened by extinction all over the world.

Logo Announcement

Foreman Birthday 2020

Foreman Birthday Party – online! For 11 years now, the Foreman project has facilitated the management of large server infrastructures and is a popular open source component among administrators.

Ansible Collections – More clarity and easier participation with Ansible

Ansible is the fastest-growing configuration management tool these days. This has also created a steadily growing community. Due to the simple architecture and the resulting easy extensibility, more and more companies and private persons provide their roles, modules and playbooks for their products and projects.


SBOL: Open Source based exchange for biotech enthusiasts

Especially in the current time we experience how important the exchange between scientists is. Almost every day there are new findings that need to be discussed and debated. This applies to the situation in the current pandemic as well as to (biotechnological) research in general.