DevOps Culture “without Bullshit”

Have you ever googled DevOps and tried to find an answer beyond bullshit bingo? No? Wonderful, then you’ve come to the right place. “Without bullshit” is, after all, exactly the buzzword we use to live DevOps for our customers and also for ourselves. And summarized in one sentence, it means: a mix of the right culture and the right tools.

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CentOS 8 alternatives

In December 2020 Red Hat announced a shift in the product politics of CentOS 8. In a nutshell, the Red Hat sponsored CentOS 8 community will focus on CentOS Stream and discontinue CentOS 8 Linux at the end of 2021. This started a broad discussion in the open source operating system community. Which CentOS 8 alternative will you choose?

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Container Technology at IT-DLZ

At OSAD 2021, Matthias Kanzog from IT-DLZ Bayern gave an insight into the container technology used.

“In order to be able to deploy applications faster and more flexible in the future while ensuring data security, the IT-DLZ decided to set up its own container operation.” This is Matthias’ answer to the “crucial question” about agility and flexibility in public authorities. Read more


User-Provisioned Infrastructure for OpenShift with orcharhino

Recently, a participant of a Kubernetes training asked me whether this OpenShift can be set up with orcharhino. He had been an orcharhino user for some time and was familiar with its automation methods, Kubernetes and OpenShift in particular were still relatively new to him. “Yes.”, I replied, but then had to pause, brooding and silent. We’d done this before, but this was OpenShift 3.

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The Mystery of Container Images Demystified

The Mystery of Container Images Demystified

  1. Basics
  2. Dive into Image
  3. Proof it

„Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.“
Arthur C. Clarke

Containers have been around much longer than Docker and Kubernetes. But certainly these applications made them more wellknown and also much more accessible. How to build an image for a container and also how it works at runtime has been discussed many times; but what about the state in between? In order to best use and optimize container images in our daily work, we need to understand how they are built. Thus, the following article – garnished with a specially handcrafted image – sheds light on the concept of OCI images.

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orcharhino meets new Windows Templates

Starting with version 5.8 orcharhino comes with new provisioning templates for Windows. These extend the variety of functions of your Windows deployments, for example, by installation in networks without DHCP and parameterized domain join.

Docker Alternatives

Docker has started a revolution with its easy access to Linux containers: Containerized applications, microservices, DevOps, GitOps, and Kubernetes are noticeably spreading. But then suddenly it says “Docker support in [kubernetes] is now deprecated and will be removed in a future release”.

ATIX @ CfgMgmt Camp 2020

Because we made such good experiences in the last two years, also this year a delegation of the ATIX crew travelled to the CfgMgmt Camp (Config Management Camp) in Gent. For ecological reasons we renounced the plane and drove to Belgium with one car.

The Future of Ansible

The introduction of Collections is not the only recent major innovation in Ansible. Until version 2.8, Ansible was offered as one large package. This included a variety of modules developed and maintained by the Ansible community. The introduction of Collections happened as part of the release of version 2.9: a format for easy packaging and […]

WTF is AIOps?

It is still unclear to many what artificial intelligence actually is in concrete terms. At the same time, it is and has often been discussed whether artificial intelligence poses a threat to humanity, especially after this topic is often associated with a scenario like in the Terminator series. But fundamentally, this technology is neither difficult […]