Save The Rhino

Since several years, the ATIX AG supports the charity organization “Save The Rhino” (short STR). The British based organization for nature conservation supports rhinos threatened by extinction all over the world.

Logo Announcement

Foreman Birthday 2020

Foreman Birthday Party – online! For 11 years now, the Foreman project has facilitated the management of large server infrastructures and is a popular open source component among administrators.

Ansible Collections – More clarity and easier participation with Ansible

Ansible is the fastest-growing configuration management tool these days. This has also created a steadily growing community. Due to the simple architecture and the resulting easy extensibility, more and more companies and private persons provide their roles, modules and playbooks for their products and projects.


SBOL: Open Source based exchange for biotech enthusiasts

Especially in the current time we experience how important the exchange between scientists is. Almost every day there are new findings that need to be discussed and debated. This applies to the situation in the current pandemic as well as to (biotechnological) research in general.

Smart proxies: What is it and why do I need it?

Smart proxies are network nodes, which take over certain tasks in other networks for the orcharhino. In the simplest case, hosts get their content directly from orcharhino and use it as DNS and DHCP server.

GitOps – Kubernetes The Easy Way: Part 1

The management of Kubernetes should be easy, simple and clear. Well-known DevOps practices and ultimately automation should be accessible by the management technique. The first GitOps principle, the declarative approach, is the essential Kubernetes management technique to leverage the desired feature set.

Reasons why ATIX is a Great Place to Work for me

This is why ATIX is a Great Place to Work for me – our colleague Nadja reports For the second time in a row ATIX was awarded by the Great Place to Work Institute as one of the best German employers in the ICT industry. Furthermore we are once again among the best employers in […]

Think Tanks @ ATIX

In the IT world there are constantly new developments, especially tools. To address all this, the ATIX crew relies on a reliable format: Think Tanks.

WinRM & Ansible – ways of authentication and encryption

Ansible is used to easily configure a variety of systems.  Most companies use it to manage their Linux-based systems.