Puppet Practitioner

In this training course the participants will learn how to implement and optimize Puppet in large and complex environments.

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In Puppet Practitioner participants learn how to optimally manage their Puppet infrastructure.


1.890.- Euro plus VAT


Wednesday 10.05.2017 - Friday 12.05.2017
Monday 11.09.2017 - Wednesday 13.09.2017
Wednesday 22.11.2017 - Friday 24.11.2017


The following services are included when you book a training course in the ATIX training center.

  • The corresponding training in a fully equipped training room with a physical computer and, if required, a number of virtual machines for each participant.
  • Training materials
  • Lunch and Snacks during the training
  • Use of the wireless in the classroom
  • Events

Not included:

Travel and Hotel


Note: This is a course for students who have already gained experience with Puppet.

In this course, participants will be shown several ways on how to fix tasks in Puppet and learn to identify the best suited solution for a particular situation. They will design and build their own modules and expand existing ones from Puppet Forge. Additionally, the attendants will become acquainted with the best practices for the implementation of roles and profiles in their facility.


  • More advanced Puppet DSL constructs that can be used to write elegant code.
  • Programmatical resource creation through the use of data structures.
  • Using custom facts to retrieve node information.
  • Module design based on the concepts of modularity and composability.
  • Techniques for revision of your Puppet code and infrastructure.
  • Utilizing the MCollective command line tool for automatic orchestration of infrastructure.
  • Methods for troubleshooting and reviewing standard log files.
  • Functionality and benefits of the Roles & Profiles Design Pattern.
  • Various methods to manage file components.
  • Capabilities of AnchorPattern and when to use it, or the `contain ()` function.
  • Create universal modules and how to make them available to the community via the Puppet Forge.
  • Sharing functions between classes using inheritance.


After completing this course, participants will possess profound knowledge of the Puppet DSL and common architectures. The course teaches problem-solving techniques and an improved understanding of the Puppet best practices.


Puppet Fundamentals or 6+ months experience with Puppet


This course is designed for individuals who are already familiar with Puppet and want to expand their knowledge. Participants should have finished the Puppet Fundamentals course, or have collected equivalent practical experience with Puppet for at least six months to a year.

The course is designed for experienced system administrators and DevOps experts with a profound understanding of configuration management policies

General Information

Unless otherwise specified, the training courses will be taking place in the premises of ATIX AG, Einsteinstraße 10, 85716 Unterschleißheim. Please note that our courses are designed for a minimum of 4 up to a maximum of 10 participants. We reserve the right to cancel the training up to 2 weeks before the start, in case there are less than 4 registrated participants.

For questions regarding appointments, venues or requests please contact us directly.

Email: vertrieb@atix.de

Phone: +49 89 4523538-0