Enterprise Linux Solutions

Enterprise Linux conquers data centers worldwide.

Companies benefit from the many advantages Enterprise Linux has to offer, such as cost savings while increasing performance and high data security .

As a specialist for Enterprise Linux ATIX offers its customers comprehensive services from the selection of the appropriate solution to the implementation and support of these systems.

Enterprise linux operating systems are offered with support options in the form of subscriptions. Updates are included for the length of the term of the subscription. In addition, the software has been certified by many hardware and application vendors .

The free Linux variations, such as CentOS or Scientific Linux, however, are not certified by a all manufacturers and the support is usually only available through the developer community.

Of course ATIX offers support options for all Enterprise Linux variations.

With Enterprise Linux by ATIX you can only win.

Through the use of Enterprise Linux you gain numerous advantages:

Independence: The ATIX AG is an independent service , we will find you , Regardless of the manufacturer , the best Enterprise Linux solution.

Flexibility: Enterprise Linux can be highly adaptable to individual needs , it will help the experts for configuration management of ATIX .

Interoperability: Enterprise Linux solutions , focused exclusively on open standards , so that the interplay between different products caused significantly fewer problems than is the case for products with proprietary interfaces .

Security: Thanks to detailed "peer review" to be made and any safety problems in Open Source based Enterprise Linux software very rapidly identified .

Quality: Enterprise Linux products have an excellent quality standard , the proprietary solutions , look no further . On the contrary, proprietary solutions are often exceeded , as in the development on the contributions of the Global Open Source community can be counted.