Cluster Solutions

We councel you in terms of cluster solutions and implement IT infrastructures that are tailor-made to your specific needs.

Clusters have basically two goals, increasing the computing capacity and increasing the availability of running services. One approach to achieve these goals, it is easy to bury the difficulties in more hardware. Feasible, but extremely inefficient and associated with huge costs.

Here ATIX can offer you superior solutions in all areas. Our goal is to provide your data center with a most effective and efficient solution for your IT infrastructure. ATIX Solutions can be realized with a reasonable financial effort that at the same time brings enough flexibility with itn to confidently face any future challenges.

Our cluster services at a glance:

Linux installation / configuration / testing

  • Storage multipathing
  • SAN boot
  • Virtualization (XEN, KVM, Vserver)

Linux clusters

  • HA cluster (Red Hat, Novell)
  • Single System Image Cluster
  • Load Balancing cluster (internal , external)
  • Virtualization cluster (live migration, rapid failover)
  • Cluster file systems (eg, GFS , OCFS2)
  • Monitoring infrastructure
  • Linux Performance Tuning
  • Storage I / O

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