Cloud Solutions

ATIX is the strong partner for companys that want to benefit from the many advantages of Cloud computing.

Cloud computing is the dynamic adaptation of abstracted IT infrastruktures (eg, computing power, and data storage), ready-made software packages and programming environments to the needs of the user and made available via the network.

The following Cloud services are available:

Software as a Service (SaaS): Software is operated by a service provider and made available via the internet. The user can access the software, for example Flickr, MySpace, Gmail, using a web browser.

Platform as a Service (PaaS): a "pay as you grow" model for IT resources that is available via the internet, such as Google App Engine, Microsoft SQL Server, Data Service, and JBoss Application.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): This refers to the Use of industry-standard computers that are shared through the internet, such as Amazon EC2, RHEV, Hyper-V, and com.oonics.

Application Components as a Service: These are applications that are operated by service providers and made available to users via the internet. Examples are Salesforce, .com's, AppExchange, and Google.

Benefits of Cloud Computing:

Cost savings: Like virtualization, cloud computing has monetary advantages over conventional systems. For example, a cloud service that is only paid when it is used, and is only used infrequently means direct savings of local resources (hardware and software).

Scalability and Flexibility: Cloud computing is easily fitted to the current needs of the user and just as easy to scale as needed.

Availability: Cloud computing is characterized by its high availability. Due to the multiple redundant data centers, Cloud computing ensures continuity.

Security: Providers of Cloud services invest heavily in ensuring data security. This is facilitated by the centralization of data.

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