The Foreman

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The Foreman is a powerful life-cycle management tool that is often used in conjunction with Puppet . By integrating Puppet for configuration management "Foreman" is not only great as a switching center ("Dashboard"). So-called "smart proxies" provide the necessary interfaces for configuration (eg DHCP, DNS, TFTP and PXE), thus allowing fully automated installation and subsequent configuration. The Foreman is suitable for use as a CMDB is. It is irrelevant whether it is virtualized systems or real hardware.

Advantages and Features

  • Provision of physical and virtualized systems , and in the cloud
  • Lifecycle and Configuration Management through tight integration Puppet fully mappable
  • Monitoring by Puppet reports and Facts
  • The RESTful API is ideal for automation and for connecting additional services
  • Additional modules can be developed in the Ruby programming language
  • Support for many operating systems ( Redhat , Debian, OpenSUSE, Solaris ... and also limited Windows)

Distributed under the GPLv3 +

Many ATIX customers rely on the combination of Puppet and Foreman for centralized management of configurations of their systems. For many years, we have for our clients projects with Puppet and Foreman by . The ATIX AG offers its customers services in the areas of consulting , support and training around Puppet and Foreman on .

Talk to us! The experts of the ATIX AG advise you about the possibilities of Foreman and Puppet in your company. You can reach us by Email at or by phone at +49 89 4523538-0 .