Mission Statement

Corporate culture is defined as the totality of consciousness and the behavior of all employees in the company.

The corporate culture is mainly implemented by the company management. It should be an expression and a goal in one and identify with the company. The stronger the corporate culture  is anchored in the minds of the  employees, the more stable the internal relations are and the more convincing the company acts on the market. Thus, the corporate culture of a company is an important part of its appeal on the market.

The company philosophy is fundamental, concrete, realistic and forward-looking. It sets a context, in which all efforts and forces within the company are bundled. A successful model translates the company's philosophy in an understandable and motivating objective which drives the organization. The lively and pictorial representation and implementation of corporate objectives, corporate purpose and corporate content in motivational models is very important. Only with motivated employees can a high performance be jointly achieved. As a corporate constitution, the mission statement functions as a common catalog of values on all levels.

Who are we?
ATIX - The Linux & Open Source Company. Since 2007 ATIX advises medium-sized and large customers across Europe. The company is based in Unterschleissheim near Munich. ATIX offers professional IT consulting, Engineering and first-class technical support.

The ATIX AG is a leading German Linux system house. We are an IT service provider focused on Linux in the data center. The basis of our work are:

  •     expertise
  •     Independence and neutrality
  •     professionalism
  •     flexibility


What we want to achieve?
Corporate objectives
Our goal is to generate added value for our customers. This is done through our advice, the use of our products and the maximum transfer of know-how to our customers. The focus on Linux takes on a particularly important role. We help to establish Linux as the standard in mission critical environments. Our independence from the manufacturers plays a major role in our success.

Objectives of management
ATIX puts the customer and their needs at the center of all entrepreneurial activities .

The objectives:

  • working successfully
  • inspiring the Customer
  • grow
  • work professionally
  • live ATIX
  • First class team

Staff objectives

  • Put the customer first
  • Fast response times
  • Clear internal structures
  • appearance
  • ATIX Image
  • Good partners

Who are our customers?
ATIX customers are the most valuable business asset.
With our services (engineering, support and consulting) we turn to the users of Linux in the data center. These are now primarily medium and large companies, but also public administrations at federal, state and local governments. The manufacturers of information technology (such as Red Hat or Novell SUSE ) are important partners for us.

What are our responsibilities?
Tasks of the employees and the management.
We are committed to deal responsibly with all aspects of IT. We investigate and evaluate existing security risks and assess the impact of new developments on our customers. Based on this knowledge, we provide our customers with services in three core areas of consulting, engineering and support. Information is our capital, the internal exchange of Information has the highest priority.

Information Exchange: We exchange information with each other on all important topics.
Consulting: We advise and support our customers to the best of our knowledge and with appropriate measures .
Engineering: We design and develop leading-edge IT solutions.
Support: We offer first-class support for Linux and open source.

How we work ?
Work guidelines ATIX AG
The mutual cooperation between specialists and generalists, we are team oriented and collegial. The professional responsibilities are transparent. We live a cooperative management style , which is supported by trust and mutual respect. Our work is characterized by quality, independence and service orientation. We steadily continue to develope our expertise further through continued education. With the help of modern communication techniques we exchange the acquired knowledge from each other. This allows us to respond quickly and effectively to the ever- growing challenges of the IT.

What does each "individual" contribute?
Introduction into the corporate culture.
This mission statement is a set of values with goals and expectations of each and every employee of the ATIX AG. Team orientation and collegiality are in exactly the same set as the high standards of our expertise and the quality of our services. Transparent processes in which the customer is always the focus, independence in consulting and service orientation are paramount. It is desired that each employee brings the company's mission statement and corporate culture to life. This includes team meetings, as well as joint recreational activities or a uniform professional language to the customer.